Managing Director
Gavin Bloor


The Power of Science & Technology

“What I love about the print industry is that no two days are the same. But what I love more is the ongoing evolution in advanced technology and science that enables printing to remain one of the most sustainable industries in the world. The future is so exciting.”


“My enthusiasm manifests throughout the entire Presfast team. We are proud to bring brand owners and marketers innovative solutions they seek – from direct design to manufacture and distribution – delivering fast, sustainable and cost-effective results. Being a one-stop-shop is one of Presfast’s unique attributes that enables our clients to concentrate on what is truly important and required for maximising profit and sales.”

Favourite Project

“It’s difficult to choose a favourite when each product delivers its own unique, innovative and creative strategy. No project is the same and that’s what makes Presfast a revolutionary organisation – we have a comprehensive sample display room at our factory, that we call ‘Aladdin’s Cave’. Crammed full of inspiration, clients love browsing and discovering the diverse solutions we have created in order to help brands overcome their challenge.”

Gratitude for Life

“Outside of Presfast, my number one priority is quality time with family – especially my grandchildren. I believe that life is extremely precious, so we must not waste a single moment. I’m also passionate about reading, researching and anything that evolves my way of thinking.”

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