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Engaging Shoppers and Creating Consumers

Engaging Shoppers and Creating Consumers

Retail Activation Solutions

For 30 years, Presfast has been delivering premium Point of Sale (POS) and cardboard engineering solutions. We are invested in evolving our workflow and workforce in order to create new and more efficient ways to help our client partners grow their business and attract more shoppers to activations at the point of sale.

30 Years of Insight

We make POS and the running of sales activation campaigns as straight forward as possible for our clients. Our in-house designers and engineers create an impressive range of POS solutions that only come with 30 years of knowledge and experience.

Profit from Print

We are excited about working with our clients to increase their working knowledge and experience of cardboard engineering, design, print and production of POS and displays. Clients can book our program of Print workshops – ‘Profit from Print’. We encourage everybody to take their knowledge to the next level and learn from our experience in helping clients to minimalise risk and maximise return on investment.

Check Out Our Work

You can check out our ground-breaking projects where we have worked with well-established brands to deliver revolutionary results.

Gavin Bloor
With 45+ years of print knowledge and experience, Gavin Bloor’s visionary concepts are the driving force behind Presfast’s success.

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