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Client: Geometry Global part of Ogilvy & Mather

Presfast has been working with the creative agencies associated with Lion Beers since mid 2015.  Early in 2017 GEO briefed Presfast on a ‘simple’ pallet topper to support displays of Hahn SuperDry.  GEO had presented 4 ideas to Lion and one was favoured at the time Presfast was briefed.

Our team believed that we could create a more innovative pallet topper.  Fundamental to the brief was that messaging needed to change from ‘promotion’ to ‘brand’ – elements needed to be interchangeable.

The Hahn brand is not a mainstream portfolio.  The range of beers under the Hahn logo are designed for modern Australians using the latest brewing technology.


In the beer business ‘display equates with sales’ – if it’s on display, it will sell!  So the key need was to develop a ‘standout’ retail merchandising piece for bulk displays that showcased 6-Packs and cartons.

Our merchandising solution allowed for significant product display but also allowed significant messaging real estate to communicate the unique product attributes as well as promotional messaging during the tactical campaign period.


Presfast developed a pallet topper display unit that sat on top of 74 cases of beer (on a pallet) and was ‘shoppable’ from all sides.

Created specifically to showcase the ‘soft’ brand refresh, the display features interchangeable media panels to allow the unit to change its communication from launch phase to ongoing brand messaging.


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Presfast had a strong vision for the best solution – we weren’t prepared to simply ‘quote and hope’!  By taking ownership of the creative solution we were able to create a flagship display piece that was loved by the client.

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