Coke Energy 2019

Client: Coca-Cola Amatil with Coca-Cola South Pacific

In early 2019, Coca Cola South Pacific briefed Presfast on a confidential product launch for Australia – 'Coke Energy'.  This marketing campaign was designed for people who are on-the-go, seeking an energy kick from the great taste of Coca-Cola.


Our approach was to disrupt and interrupt shoppers, influencing them to become aware of Coca Cola Amatil with Coca Cola South Pacific’s new energy drink entering the Australian market.

Set to be one of the biggest NPD projects to launch in many years for CCA and CCSP, this operation demanded a ground-breaking collection of Retail Display pieces to showcase Coke Energy.

Presfast needed to produce displays that combined the elements of theatre and disruption, across a range of store sizes and formats.


Designing distinctive and fresh iterations of merchandising units that the CCA team loved, Presfast built display units that were bold and impactful. We also maintained a simple and fast solution for constructing in-store, necessary for launching the retail campaign simultaneously across Australia.

5-week Turnaround

Developing three off location displays which shared core components, Presfast was able to help drive production volumes and reduce unit costs. A simple dress-up kit differentiated each display, ensuring they were executed correctly in store. Made at our plant in Sydney and distributed nationally from our facility, Presfast produced over 88,000 pieces of POS and Retail Displays in a 5-week turnaround.

Cocal-Cola Amatil (CCA)


Presfast’s ability to deliver quality, innovative results in quick timing is the reason why the Coke Energy 2019 launch was able to be brought forward by one week.

Dante Says

"This campaign coincided with Sydney’s largest winter festival VIVID, achieving a more powerful deliverance than CCA and CCSP originally planned."

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