Make it yours

Client: Coca Cola Amatil with Coca Cola South Pacific

Presfast was briefed in November 2018 to develop an innovative piece of retail theatre to support the creative campaign ‘Make it yours’ for summer 2018 – 2019.  The retail ‘spectacular’ was for 13 key Woolworths & Independent stores along the Eastern seaboard of Australia.

‘Make it yours’ was an above the line brand campaign to inspire extended usage of core brand Coke over the summer season and to engage light and lapsed users of Coca Cola.


Creating and promoting summer cocktails is not as simple as printing recipe cards and hoping for the best. The campaign idea of creating cocktails unique to your personal lifestyle was supported by serving suggestions created for YouTube & TVC’s. Our challenge was how to bring this inspiring content to life at retail in a relevant and engaging manner.


A televisual experience was clearly the solution but, making this work at retail is a notorious challenge.

Presfast sourced 32 inch screens and developed a simple ‘flat-pack’ display structure that was easy to ship direct to store for execution by reps. The merchandising units were designed to showcase bulk product displays and the relevant fruit associated with each cocktail. The aim of the units was to drive instore product awareness as well as being a one-stop destination for summer refreshment.

Our client was able to attain incremental off location displays, drive purchase intent with shoppers, drive sales and increase their visibility and relevance beyond the soft drink category aisle via targeted stores with Digital Spectaculars that captured shopper’s attention with theatre & movement. The COCA-COLA MAKE IT YOURS campaign inspired shoppers to make each Coke experience relevant, unique & personal.


  1. Achieved Incremental off location space adjacent to Fresh and incorporated Fresh ingredients within the display
  2. Drove purchase intent with shoppers, 80% of shoppers who saw the display said they were ‘likely or highly likely’ to buy
  3. Drove sales of 1.25L (+14%) and 8x200ml (+7%), +4% total Colas

During the short production timeframe, the Presfast team road-tested battery powerpacks as well as mains power solutions. We also licensed a content management system that allowed us to manage video content such as switch-on / switch-off times for the display units remotely from our office.


Make it yours solution

Make it yours solution 2


This display received a Silver Shop! Award (Grocery Store - Temporary Display) and also Shop! Environmental Stewardship Award.


Client feedback

from clients

In a category that has faced challenges of increasing light and lapsing users, low aisle penetration and low dwell time in store due to lack of relevance and inspiration, CCA engaged the experience and committed team at Presfast, to develop a unique and customised solution to help target current, light & lapsed drinkers of Coke, over our key consumption period (Summer). By collaborating with Presfast at concept stage, the team were able to engineer a customised modular and shoppable display unit that could, disrupt shoppers with theatre and movement, suit different store sizes and maximise stock weight and also be set up quickly and efficiently by the CCA field teams. As a result of the spectacular off location display, we were able to attain incremental off location displays, drive purchase intent with shopper, drive sales and increase our visibility and relevance beyond the soft drink aisle. The brilliant team at Presfast, led by Gavin & Dante, are thought leaders in their industry, and their drive & commitment to develop best in class solutions on time, and within budget, is what continues to deliver the results for CCA and our customers.
Joanne Pitsikas
Woolworths Customer Activation Manager

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