Mid & Full Strength Launches 2018

Client: Iron Jack Mid & Full Strength Launches

Brewed with our hot rugged climate in mind, Iron Jack is a true mainstream brand that developed as a head-on competitor of the Carlton and United Breweries brand Great Northern.

The brand was birthed from the story behind the legend himself – Australian outdoorsman Iron Jack – and his adventures.


Since Iron Jack is an outdoorsman, a ute and boat style display were both ‘must-haves’.

Evolving Our Thinking

Presfast’s initial challenge was to develop a pallet size display that clearly reflected a ute. When the full-strength variant was launched, the client returned to us with the task to evolve our thinking – we needed to create a theme that reflected the ‘tinnie’ boat which Iron Jack would obviously use on his fishing trips.

Icon jack 1

Icon jack 2


Through our on-going dedication to sourcing innovative solutions, the ‘ZU’ unit was created. ‘ZU’ is a two-sided unit that can be erected to merchandise stock on both sides in a ‘Z’ style display format or one side in a ‘U’ style display format.

The ‘ZU’ unit was crafted speculatively, and the client loved its versatility. Since its first appearance in liquor stores, it has been four times re-configured and executed (as of July 2019).


The launch of Iron Jack mid-strength was classified by the client to be the most impactful beer launch in recent marketing history – ten years to be precise.

Dante Says

"Our ability to be transparent it what enables us to deliver powerful marketing solutions. The mid-strength ute display is what led to Presfast’s engagement in creating the components (including the boat) associated with the full-strength launch."

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