Monster F1 2017

Client: Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA)

Australia has been part of the F1 World Championship circus since 1985.

Presfast was briefed in November 2017 to develop a retail ‘spectacular’ for 20 flagship Woolworths stores - building on the association between Monster and the Mercedes F1 team, in particular, Lewis Hamilton.


F1 in Australia has lost some of it’s WOW factor as the V8 Supercars continues to shine. Any in-store merchandising of F1 in NSW needs to be big, bold and impactful interrupt and disrupt shoppers.

Our strategy was to develop an F1 car that was authentic not just a 2D facsimile of a car.


The 3D F1 car front end and rear end display pieces reflected significant WOW factor and steal appeal.

Throughout our design and modelling process, we were conscious of not overwhelming the reps with complicated and multiple pieces that would slow-down constructing the displays in busy store locations.

Monster F1


The display that we developed was ¾ size of a real F1 car – WOW! It was simple to construct by CCA reps and was dispatched from Presfast direct to store for reps to build. Each car was claimed by a store customer for their own home.

Dante Says

"We pride ourselves in delivering authentic solutions. The retailer loved the display so much that it generated talk-ability amongst the other key retailers who then demanded a display strategy of equal or greater in-store impact."

Feedback from client

I would highly recommend Presfast, They are professional cardboard display builders, they have great service and friendly people to help.

John Doe

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