Riedel 2018

Client: Riedel – RSN Australia Brand

Working with RSN Australia since early 2014, Presfast has been developing physical packaging as well as core artwork for retail packaging.

Following the brief for Riedel’s campaign initially proved challenging in that the retail packaging required structural robust – enough to hold a bottle of wine, plus 2 delicate Riedel glasses – whilst avoiding an ‘industrial’ appearance.


Through closely following the Riedel ‘brand-book’, Presfast’s plan was to create a bespoke retail package that reflected the premium nature of Riedel’s range of glassware.

Custom-made Design Concepts

Full wine bottles and delicate glassware don’t traditionally live happily in close proximity to each other. However, Presfast came up with a custom-made design concept, which enabled the creation of retail boxes that were easily and safely shippable from the warehouse to high-street and beyond. We ensured that each of the delicate contents was securely nested.


Developing 4 different artworks for the packaging, Presfast was able to deliver on the needs of various retailers, as well as different Riedel glassware shapes and sizes. The internal nest was adaptable to securely hold any wine bottle shape and any glassware.

This packaging was designed to sit comfortably within the broader portfolio of retail boxes.



For this client, the key aim was that the brief lay dormant with a packaging manufacturer for approximately 6-months before Presfast was commissioned to design and create the physical packaging.

Within a 4-week period, Presfast delivered accordingly, ensuring that RSN was able to meet it’s Christmas 2018 retail commitments.

Dante Says

“Presfast works with RSN Australia on the full breadth of their needs – we have attained the position of ‘recommended packaging supplier’ for clients of RSN, who purchase glassware for their corporate needs.”

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