Ultra Crisp 2019

Client: Hahn Ultra Crisp (HUC)

Since early 2015, Presfast has been proudly working with creative agencies associated with Lion Beers.

In February 2019, LionCo Australia developed a marketing campaign with the intention of executing an influential launch, for the latest addition to the Hahn family. Born from a revolutionary brewing process, Ultra crisp is a full-strength beer brewed from rice.


“If it’s on display, it will sell!” is a saying that often derives from the beer industry. The aim of the Ultra Crisp project was to disrupt the customer through with a display that showcases 6-packs and where disruption leads to engagement.

Cost-effective Strategies

With access to the most innovative technology and solutions in the digital printing industry, Presfast transformed this challenge into an opportunity. Our role was to produce bulk 6-pack display units that were cost-effective with the purpose of driving ROI for the Ultra Crisp campaign.


Not only did our merchandising solution allow for tremendous stock weight, but also the ability to deliver significant messaging real estate, communicating Ultra-crisp’s unique product attributes:

  • Low Carb
  • 99% Sugar-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Preservative Free

Presfast established a truly unique off-location display unit, exclusively accommodating for the launch of 6-packs as opposed to cartons.

Ultra Crisp 1

Ultra Crisp 2



In May 2019, LionCo estimated that this new product represents approximately 30% of the overall Hahn brand volume.

Dante Says

“The Ultra Crisp campaign particularly reflects our passion for delivering cost-effective solutions that not only meet an organisations sustainability goals, but also drive Return on Investment.”

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